Here Comes The Bride and Best Wishes Helium Foil Balloon Duo


Brand notjustballoons

This stunning helium filled foil balloon duo is decorated with shimmering curling ribbon and attached to a balloon weight. The beautiful gift box is covered in large polka dots (inside and out) and when the box is opened the balloons float out as if by magic. The base of the box is lined with tissue paper and then sprinkled with sparkling metallic confetti and fairy dust.
We hand write your message on a gift tag and attach it to the balloon weight.
These 18 inch metallic helium filled balloons will float for days and days and days....
Our amazing Spotty Balloon Gift Box measures 40cm x 41cm x 43cm. You certainly are going to be remembered by the recipient when this arrives on their doorstep!
We love our balloons in boxes we hope you do too!