Happy Birthday Balloon Arch Kit


Brand birthdayballoons.co.uk

This amazing happy birthday balloon kit will allow you to create this colourful birthday balloon arch together with 3 happy birthday balloon bouquets. The kit comprises of:

1 x disposable helium tank

14 x happy birthday linking balloons (one spare)

10 x happy birthday assorted balloons (one spare)

5 balloon weights


To create the arch; Fill the balloons to an 11" size (don't over inflate you will run out of helium) and tie the tail of the balloon to the next inflated balloon. The helium in the balloons naturally creates the arch. At each end of the arch tie the last balloon to the balloon weight. Inflate the balloons 1-2 hours before the event. The float   time of he balloons s 10-12 hours when correctly inflated.

Inflate the happy birthday balloons, tie with ribbon, attach to the balloon weight and make into bouquets of 3. Check out our youtube video on making balloon bouquets if you need instructions.