Frozen Helium Balloon Party Package



Well the Frozen movie has definitely been the hit of the year and so have Frozen parties. With this in mind we decided to create the perfect Frozen Party Helium Balloon Kit. In this great package, you will receive a tank of disposable helium to inflate your balloons, a big reel of white balloon ribbon, 8 x iridescent balloon weights, 30 x 12 inch snowflake balloons (blue, white and clear) and 2 Frozen foil balloons. Inflate the Frozen foil balloons first, they have handy self sealing valves. Then inflate the snowflake latex balloons, you will probably get around 25 of them out of the tank, the remainder simply air fill.

You can tie the balloons to chairs or arrange in bunches to decorate the tables and floor with.

Snowflake `latex balloons when correctly inflated with helium will last approximately 12 hours

Foil Frozen helium filled foil balloons will last around 5 to 7 days.